Jams Too

Jams Too

146 pages
Soft Cover
4 color
6.75" x 9.75"
Signed and Numbered Edition of 300
Ships free in the Continental United States

After the success of JAMS, Jams Too brings the meticulously mystic eye of New York photographer Matthew Spiegelman back to examine the ever-expanding collection of garish vintage 1980s shirts collected by LA's Brion Brionson.

JAMS is as much a love letter to Southern California as to the vibrant prints, patterns and textures of the shirts themselves. Jams Too expands on the first book’s loving testament to the ecstasy and art of collecting, by further elevating the process with striking images created all around Los Angeles. In this iteration, the camera moves further back, riffing more on 90’s magazine photography than the 80’s catalogue form of Volume 1. While continuing to follow the Collector as Model, Jams Too indulges in SoCal color and texture, vernacular architecture, the unique velocity of its breeze, and its sublime sunlight.
Like JAMS, Jams Too asserts this is more than a brand popularized in the 80s, JAMS is a way of life. (Disclaimer: not all shirts included are Jams.)